Pattern hack alert! Meet Stéphanie from @lofficinecouturesdelicates and her #Norma dress.

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Creating unique pieces to share on your blog or Instagram account to inspire others – the sew & social media combo is all the rage. And since the number of sewist-bloggers around the world is on the rise, Fibre Mood regularly presents a Sewista who has taken a Fibre Mood pattern and come up with a unique pattern hack. This month, we present Stéphanie from  @lofficinecouturesdelicates and her hacked #Norma pattern. Discover her beautiful creation here!


Hello everyone, I am delighted to write a few words for Fibre Mood! My name is Stéphanie and I am 48 years old. I'm a pharmacist and a mother to three children. I started sewing a few years ago based on a desire to explore the creative streak that has always run through my family. Very quickly, the magic happened and since then I have never stopped sewing. 

Instagram is my only social network. It's something of my creative bubble, with pretty images and endless inspiration... You can find my sewing projects on Instagram @lofficinecouturesdelicates

 I completely fell in love with the Norma blouse pattern, which is really feminine with its pretty V-neck and magnificent boho sleeves. I immediately imagined it as a dress, which I created in three models in caramel viscose and lined green gauze.

A guide to my Norma pattern hack

Transforming this pattern is simple:

  • Cut the top 15 cm below the armholes so that the front and back of the top are shorter than the original version (remove the two bottom buttonholes so that there are three buttons and not five on the front).
  • Cut two rectangles measuring 1 m wide by 35 cm high and two rectangles measuring 1 m wide by 15 cm high.
  • Follow the step-by-step for creating the blouse.
  • Assemble the sides of the dress two by two.
  • Pass a gathering thread through the top of the dress that corresponds to the largest rectangle.
  • Sew this first panel to the body by matching up the side seams.
  • Repeat with the second smaller rectangle, which should be attached to the bottom of the first one.
  • Make up the hems.
  • Admire the result!

I really like making a few changes to a pattern to really create a garment that will suit me the best.  I like the simple, clean shapes, the pretty materials and the soft colours. My next project (which is almost finished!) is a little hack of the Girouette blouse from Cousette.

Like all seamstresses, I have projects in my head but I don't always have the time to do everything I want, which is why I try to sew pieces that I feel are truly missing from my wardrobe. 

I also take the time to think about which models I really want and which fits I am comfortable in, and also to sew according to my needs. I really appreciate having a few hand-sewn pieces that I love and I'm really into rational consumption in both sewing and in all areas, for that matter.  

I wish you lots of beautiful creations and great sewing moments.

Interested in making your own Norma? Buy the pattern here!

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